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Many many thanks to this wonderful lady who came for a boudoir shoot recently.  If you are of sensitive disposition do please be warned this has interesting language!  But if you want an engaging , up close and personal view of what it really means to have a boudoir shoot then this is as honest as it comes.  Thank you my lovely  for allowing me to share this with everyone – if you wish to read the rest of her (anonymous) blog do click here  –  it is a story that will resonate with many women  . If  you want an experience that you will never forget then do consider getting in touch with me to talk about your boudoir shoot.  I promise it is a LOT of fun.  Click here for details.

So -are you ready?  Then we will begin 🙂

The Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir Shoot PINIMAGE

“Ladies, if you have never done a sexy photo shoot before, YOU MUST DO ONE. It will be the sexiest you have ever felt or looked. You will also feel like you are recreating the hilarious photo shoot scene from Austin Powers but we’ll get onto that later…
I’ve always wanted to do a boudoir shoot, even before I was in a relationship. I can’t think of anything more empowering for a woman than to celebrate her body, sexuality and sensuality by being photographed in whatever outfits and poses SHE chooses to. I’m a feminist in the sense that I believe in a woman doing whatever the fuck she wants to do, not because society expects them to do (or not do) something.
So if that means you want to do raunchy pics for your husband then great. I don’t feel it is disempowering or making women sexual commodities at all. If a woman gets off on being desired by men then I salute that woman. Because I AM that woman.
I chose to do my boudoir shoot yesterday for me. Not Dave (although he will certainly appreciate it ) but for me. I’m in the best shape of my life, my confidence has never been higher, and I’m not getting any younger. And I can’t think of a better way to commiserate the fact that I’m still not pregnant yet than by documenting how fucking awesome my body looked before babies come along and change all of that.
The day before I went to Ann Summers and treated myself to some new underwear. Now this is ‘bedroom underwear’ if you catch my drift. It was a set – bra, suspender belt and thong – in a pewter bronze kind of colour with black lace overlay and a LOT of strappy bits. Kind of a bondage look but in a tasteful way. The bra had two black straps that went over the bust to highlight the curve of my tits, the suspender belt had three straps either side which really accentuated my waist, and the thong had two straps to enhance my hips. So all in all, with these straps all over my body I felt like a fucking goddess. There wasn’t an angle I wasn’t happy with. And my strappy heels that I wore with the outfit just finished it off perfectly.Boudoir Shoot photographs courtesy of Lincolnshire Photographer Sharon Mallinson of Symply PhotographyPINIMAGE
The amazing woman who shot me, was my wedding photographer Sharon from Symply Photography.  She was so brilliant at our wedding three years ago, capturing everything exactly how we wanted it and making us feel at ease, that I knew I would be back to do a boudoir shoot with her. Her house is simply stunning and the perfect location to do sexy shots, with windows, doorways and beds to get the right poses. She also has the best make up artist and assistant   Katie who made me feel at ease right away with her friendly, relaxed nature and simply made me look stunning. I’d recommend both of them so please check out their websites.

After a quick catch up (and a super big hug with Sharon!) we discussed my vision for the shoot. Now, you can’t do something like this without being on the same page and feel 100% comfortable with what you’re agreeing to. You have to be clear with how you see your photographs turning out and the poses you want to do, but you also have to be able to trust the professionals to know what works and what will look right. I’m a flexible kind of person so I just made it clear what I didn’t want (innocent, girly, vintage, smiling) and what I did (sultry, seductive, sassy, sexy, smoky, sensual, no smiling) and left it in Sharon’s and Katie’s hands to work their magic. They looked at the underwear I’d brought along and discussed the make up that would work with it. I also showed Sharon a selection of shots that I’d saved off the internet to give them an idea of what I wanted. I knew it was going to be a right laugh when one of the negligees that I’d brought with me (but didn’t use) was the same one Sharon herself had! No wonder I get along so well with the woman. Now bearing in mind that I bought this outfit from Ann Summers back when I first started dating Dave (so over 10 years ago), I’m not quite sure what it says about Sharon and I that we still have it in our possession over a decade later haha.

Okay. So that’s the background out of the way. Let’s get down to business. I know you all want to know what exactly happened.
When I first looked in the mirror in my full underwear set, heels, make up on point and my hair (freshly done by my lovely hairdresser Tasha the day before) all messy and shagged, I was literally dumbstruck. I’m going to blow my own trumpet here – I LOOKED FUCKING SENSATIONAL. Yeah there were parts of my body that aren’t my favourite, but after losing 45lbs since January and wearing size 10-12 I looked like a Victoria’s Secret model… but a healthy one that actually enjoys eating and having a pint every now and then. I was feeling that confident, and that sassy, and that badass, that I would have happily walked down Oxford Street in London on a Saturday afternoon wearing that get up. I knew my photos were going to look phenomenal.
Now, I’m going to describe the great bits first. And then I’ll tell you the hilarious reality. Because that’s what I’m known for after all.
The poses we did were raunchy but tasteful and I wanted all of them to be shot in black and white only. The ones I can remember were me kneeling on the bed holding a bed sheet up, laying on my back arching up off the bed, my legs straight up against the back wall with my hands above my head in handcuffs (ohhhhh yesssss!),  a close up of one of my heels catching my thong and pulling it out and away from me (that looked HOT), lying on my front with my ass up and pulling a stocking in my teeth that was wrapped around my wrists, standing against a wall with my hands above my head and one leg bent against the wall, Boudoir Shoot PINIMAGE

standing against the backdrop of a window to get the full silhouetted rear shot, leaning against an archway… and those were just the bedroom shots.
When we went to the studio, things really rocked up a gear. A couple of ultimate poses I wanted to get were with me laying on my back, a fierce arch up off the floor, one leg bent, arms outstretched behind me, tits thrust upwards and my head thrown right back. Like the Flashdance pose but waaaaaay sexier. The piece de resistance though, was the chair shot. Everybody knows the chair shot. .PINIMAGE


The famous Christine Keeler one, topless, legs akimbo.  We did it both ways – starting with my back to camera and me looking over my shoulder, capturing the full bondage look of my back. We then did it with my wrists bound in handcuffs again above my head. We finished with me facing the camera, topless (the chair just about hiding my tits) and me swinging my bra off one finger whilst I stared straight into the camera. And that was a wrap! .Boudoir Shoot photographs courtesy of Lincolnshire Photographer Sharon Mallinson of Symply PhotographyPINIMAGE

After my wedding day, they were 3 and a half of the best hours of my life.
But of course, there was a lot more to it than that…
Let’s move onto the reality. It takes a shitload of effort to look sexy. In fact, I have a newfound respect for models (never thought I’d say that!) but it’s true. The photos may look effortless but actually it takes a lot of muscle strength and stamina to hold a pose.
Your legs get cramp. Your arms ache. In fact at one point my bum started twitching and my neck started shaking when I was in one position for ages. I felt like I was doing fucking yoga!
And it ain’t glamorous.
Case in point: when we were trying to get the shot with my thong hooked on my heel I had to arch my back as far as it would go, thrust my arse up as high has I could get it, twist my hip so that one was higher than the other, and reach my little stumpy leg back far enough for the heel to reach my arse crack. Once we’d practised it, then came the part where Katie had the delightful job of hooking my thong out of said arse crack with her finger and pulling it high enough out to hook onto my heel without snapping my underwear completely.

Let me tell you, you may think you have had wedgies before, but you haven’t had THAT kind of wedgie. If Katie and Sharon decided to leave me in that position I would still be stuck there now.
“Hello, fire service? Yeah I need some assistance with removing my thong from my heel as I am currently trapped with the worst front wedgie ever and I can’t reach round because I’m handcuffed…”
Then of course, there were the poses. I didn’t want to be smiling in these shots because when I smile I look too girly, and the look we were going for was sultry and fierce. So I had to channel my inner siren and stare down that camera lens. But it doesn’t take a lot for me to lose it. Especially when Sharon started giving me encouragement and shouting ‘yes!’ when I mastered the look she wanted.
You know the scene in Austin Powers where he’s directing Ivana Humpalot on that ridiculous photo shoot?
“Yeah baby, you’re a tiger! You’re an ANIMAL!”
Oh god I just lost it.

Boudoir Shoot PINIMAGE
And I lost it when I was putting the stocking in my teeth and pulling it whilst trying to snarl in a futile attempt to look seductive. Instead I felt like a dog playing tug on a toy. And when I said I hope the stocking had been washed since it was last worn, Katie retorted that Sharon had worn it the previous night, I literally spat it out.Boudoir Shoot PINIMAGE
There were also shameless moments where you lose all dignity but you go with it.
Like when I crawled off the bed to discover my entire right tit had escaped from my bra and Katie just casually reached over and popped my nipple back in. You know, as you do.
And when I did the topless shot on the chair. You just gotta whip that bra off and whap those tits out girls! 
And there’s no point being embarrassed. The chair I was sitting on was draped with black satin. Because I’d been sat on it for a few minutes, when I stood up it had stuck between my legs and went with me. Well, thank goodness there were no snail trails left behind on it, is all I can say…
Speaking of snails, I felt like a fucking snail when I was crawling along the foil that I was posing on in the studio, sticking to it and peeling my knees and hands off it like some weird fetish game of Twister. When she started rolling it out I thought I was going to be wrapped in it like a fucking turkey. And don’t get me started on the arse prints I’d left behind on it. Along with the DNA of previous clients who had also slimed their way across it in an attempt to look sexy. Yes I certainly felt fucking graceful and sexy doing that haha!Boudoir Shoot PINIMAGE
I asked Sharon if she wipes down the foil between sessions. She says yes. I think she’s lying haha. I swear I could make out the arse crack of someone else just inches from my face. But no bother. I left behind a lot more of me on it that’s for sure!
One thing both Sharon and Katie said which I will always remember is that they thought I was a natural and it was one of the most fun shoots they had ever done. Sharon also said that there would be very little airbrushing needed to be done on them.
I think she’s lying again.
Unless Photoshop has a new feature that I don’t know about where you can edit a snail to look like a sexy goddess…?
Sharon – you were a great Austin Powers. And I had great fun being your Ivana.”Boudoir Shoot PINIMAGEBoudoir Shoot PINIMAGE

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February 26th – March 4th 2017 is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

boudoir photographer in lincolnshirePINIMAGE

 I wanted to write this blog because one of my recent clients has struggled so much with the debilitating eating disorder anorexia nervosa. Whilst lots of  ladies battle  with being overweight – there are also a frightening number of young women who want to emulate the tiny catwalk queens they see in magazines and social media everyday and literally starve themselves – almost to death.

Sadly an eating disorder works towards the exact opposite of what our goal is as boudoir photographers. Not only does an eating disorder destroy self worth, self love and self acceptance but they also have the highest rate of mortality of any psychiatric illness. It’s estimated that 10% of individuals with Anorexia Nervosa will die within 10 years of the onset of the disorder.

Some people just don’t ‘get’ boudoir photography.  They think it’s the opportunity for narcissistic vain women to pretend they’re super models in skimpy underwear.  But in all the years I have now been doing boudoir photography this couldnt be further from the truth.  Boudoir photography IS all about self love, acceptance and improving one’s body image.We are so fortunate at Symply Boudoir  to be able to work with women to show them just how amazing and how beautiful they are. But their reasons for doing this are as varied as the women are themselves.

eating disorder awarenessPINIMAGE

 So, Im going to share Kirsty’s  story through her own words. My reason for sharing her eating disorder story is not so that you will take pity on her or say “awwww, poor girl” but rather, so you will think twice before wanting to achieve a particular “body type” which is deemed perfect by stupid social media challenges and society.  Hopefully  you will think before commenting on a woman’s body that she is “too much” of this or “not enough” of that

Its a powerful story and I feel humbled to have been part of the recovery process.  Much love for the future to a very brave young lady who has shared so much with us

I am posting this to set a few rumours straight but also for me to be able to move forward and not be ashamed of who I am. I owe everything to my Amazing Mom Nicola Lockren and Husband Michael Mander without them I probably wouldn't be here now. ❤

Posted by Kirsty Mander on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Kirsty’s Story :

“Like many women I wasn’t happy with how I looked, I was going on holiday so I decided to follow slimming world  (It isnt the reason I have an eating disorder, a lot of factors before and after had an impact) to get that “bikini body” I had before having my son. At the age of 26 a year and half after starting to diet I was diagnosed with Anorexia nervosa this was just the beginning of the battle I was to face. Immediately I was assessed by the eating disorder service and although I had been given the diagnosis by my Gp I now felt ‘branded’ with anorexia. I couldn’t come to terms with this stigma I had adopted so how would others accept me. I was ashamed of what I had become, fueling the Anorexia I became very isolated and felt very much like the elephant in the room.

So much so that I lost my job, I felt as if my world was falling apart and  was using food as away of gaining back some form of control over my life. I reached an all time low with a weight of 5st 8lb.  I was slowly killing myself.   By this point I had moved  to live with my Mom for the support I was missing, whilst my Husband was amazing my illness had a huge impact on our relationship. With the help and support I had including my therapist I slowly began to gain weight.

In November 2016 for the first time I was able to look at a picture of myself at my lowest and see the true identity of the Anorexia.  It hurt me to think at that point I thought I was ok. Continuing my recovery progress my Husband brought me a Boudoir shoot for Christmas,  In his words ‘so maybe you can see the beauty in you that I see everyday’.

December 25th 2016 – Facebook post

 Since the next stage of my recovery is confidence.. this was one of my gifts, the message attached brought tears to my eyes.

boudoir photo gift voucherPINIMAGE

Nervous and totally petrified about someone seeing me in underwear, I went to the shoot.

January 23rd 2017 – Facebook post

I have just been for my boudoir shoot and all I can say is Wow!  It was absolutely brilliant, I had such a giggle. I felt a bloody million dollars…I am yet to see the pictures but what a boost of confidence it was! Keep your eyes peeled!PINIMAGE



I never expected to feel the way I felt during the shoot, I honestly surprised myself. To feel beautiful and confident all because two very special ladies believed and encouraged me. To say I was delighted with the photos on viewing them is an understatement.  Is that really me? I still have a very long and bumpy road on my journey to full recovery but this and everything else I do in life moulds me for who and what I want to be at the finish line. I can hold my head high and proudly say this is one battle I am currently winning.

The point I want to make is DON’T suffer in silence DON’T give up DON’T judge. Everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about. Mental Health comes in all shapes and sizes DON’T be afraid it doesn’t define you as a person.”

Eating disorders awarenessPINIMAGE

1 February 2017 – Review left on Freeindex website

“I was brought my Boudoir shoot as a gift from my Husband. Having suffered from Anorexia, I had reached a point in my recovery that my husband wanted me to realise how beautiful I was. I wasnt sure I would be comfortable but I went along anyway. And gee am I glad I did, From the second Sharon welcomed me into her home I felt at ease. Katie did a fantastic job on transforming my hair and makeup then into the shoot. I felt a million dollar’s, Sharon and Katie were amazing. Today I went to view the finished results and I was blown away.  From the first photo I had goose bumps, I couldnt believe that was me. I am so very grateful to Sharon and Katie for helping me gain the confidence this shoot has given me. It has meant more than anyone will ever understand. I would recommend doing this to anyone what a better way to learn how to love yourself for who you are with the added bonus of Sharon and Katie guiding you throughout.
Thank you both from the bottom of my heart. Kirsty x. “PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEeating disorder awarenessPINIMAGE

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  • Stephen - Kirsty has become a close friend of mine recently, someone who I cherish and admire so much. The bravery she shows in fighting this illness to the courage of having the photo shoot is outstanding.

    A week before the shoot I met a nervous Kirsty for coffee and the week after I saw the difference in confidence this shoot has made.

    Kirsty is a special lady to everyone who enters her life, she is loved, admired and adored by her family and friends. I am proud to call her my best friend.ReplyCancel

    • - Thank you Stephen for posting that comment. In the short time I have got to know Kirsty I’ve seen a change in her attitude. When she arrived she was nervous, and self conscious – when she left she positively glowed. It was incredibly heartwarming to watch the transformation xReplyCancel

  • Toni - I have known kirsty since we where about 8yrs old.. we where very close growing up and through high school. We had lost touch for a couple of years but then we got back in touch with eachother. I know shes had a few difficulties to cope with through her life, and i was heartbroken to find out that she was so ill… literally hearbroken… i cant begin to imagine how her family have felt because I was scared that she wouldnt make it…
    But here we have it she is on the road to recovery, and im so proud of her! Well done kirsty, keep going amd inspiring other people beautiful lady! XxxReplyCancel

    • Kirsty - Toni i have just read your comment and sobbed. Thank you lovely xReplyCancel

boudoir photographer near sleafordPINIMAGE


Yes – this is your opportunity  to win a complimentary boudoir session with Symply Boudoir!  How can you do that?  Easy – I have compiled a few short questions about boudoir photography.  The aim is for me to to be able to understand what my potential clients are looking for.  So it helps me build my business and improve the whole boudoir photography experience.  The prize is a free makeover, and a one hour photoshoot with all your images provided to you free on a rather swizz slideshow presentation.  This can be played on your phone, or laptop etc.  The draw will take place as soon as I have had just 50 questionnaires filled out – so please share this page with all your friends!   Ready to have a go?



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  • Julie Buff - I’ve always wanted to have a go at something like this, now that I’m newly separated after 25 years it would be a great boost to my personal confidenceReplyCancel

    • - So Julie – are you going to go for it?? Pop over for a chat!ReplyCancel

What is a bridal boudoir ?

Bridal boudoir is becoming very popular as more and more brides look to give their groom an extra special gift on their wedding day.  It’s very different from the pre wedding shoot on your wedding day which is all about capturing the excitement of getting ready on your wedding morning.  A Bridal Boudoir  session is a chance for you to look and feel beautiful!   Dress in lingerie, playful outfits, or simply cover up with your veil to get some sexy photos of yourself! It is a great confidence booster, as brides to be can see how amazing they can look in the photos. My Bridal Boudoir sessions are very classy, and timeless. 

However as these sessions are often as a gift for the groom, and my clients obviously want to keep them private,   it is often difficult to show prospective brides what a  full boudoir session involves : so with that in mind, I held a competition recently asking for brides to be to enter to win a bridal boudoir shoot FREE!  The only  proviso was that I needed to be able to use the images on my website, to try and give anyone interested an idea of what a full bridal boudoir shoot looks like.  Shelly , who is getting married on New Year’s Eve was one of the winners.

I could have used models for my promotional photoshoot but I really wanted to get the message out that my clients are real women, with real body concerns.  After treating Shelly to a full hair and  makeover we set about creating the images that you can see below.

I would like to thank The Petwood Hotel for allowing me the use of their gorgeous Maple Room for the shoot – whilst I have a studio and boudoir of my own, I wanted the opportunity to shoot in a different environment! Thank you also to Shelly for being such an enthusiastic model for me – I hope you like the images!  Finally thank you to my make up artist Katie who created the sultry look for Shelly.

If you would like to book a bridal boudoir session as a gift for your groom  ( and a treat for yourself!)  give me a call on 01529 241633  or fill out the contact form below oh  – and just in case you need a wedding photographer – have a look at my wedding photography website here 🙂



Look out for another post soon featuring the gorgeous Sophie, who was my second competition winner!

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Boudoir photography is really taking off in this country and that has certainly been helped by high profile television shows like Gok Wan’s – “How to look good naked.” Sadly, some people have the wrong idea of what boudoir photography is all about.   I spend a lot of time explaining that this is NOT about page 3 style, topless photos but is all about making women feel good, look good and helping them to rediscover their inner sensuality.  I like to think my images are tasteful yet sultry, soft and seductive – and yes – to coin a popular phrase “naughty but nice”.female boudoir photographer lincolnshirePINIMAGEI have been inundated with enquiries about my boudoir photography and so far the feedback I have had from the  ladies who have had a session has been excellent.  All have said how amazed at how beautiful they look, all have said how empowering it has been and all have walked away with far more images than they expected! So who is this appealing to?  Well, to put your mind at rest – it isn’t all beautiful size zero youngsters.  My typical client is a mum, who has lost a little bit of her body to having children, lost a lot of opportunity for “me time” – because of her kids, and sometimes lost a bit of being seen as a wife or lover rather than a mum.  Almost all have lost a lot of confidence.  All have body issues – all are craving a little bit of pampering, of being spoilt, and want reminding that they can be gorgeous and sexy – if only for a day. Others have come to me following a devastating illness, a relationship breakdown, or because they have lost a lot of weight or celebrating a special birthday or anniversary.   Some come for a “Meet me at the Altar” bridal boudoir session before the wedding! The list is endless but everyone who comes gets a confidence boost and a whole chunk of their self esteem back. (See the feedback in my FreeIndex reviews!)boudoir photographer in lincolnshirePINIMAGE!boudoir photographer in lincolnshirePINIMAGE


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